Black in Asia

Hiatus is over: A New Direction

Good Day Voyagers!

I know, I know, to suddenly return in this fashion is quite…unorthodox; I had pondered over the last few days on some genius excuse, to explain where the heck I’ve been for the last few years and well…I don’t have one, the truth is I was going through a little bit of a rough time after graduation, working in New York; the rat race was killing me.

 So I took a leap of faith to come back to China and work as a manager in a luxury hotel, but of course that brought many challenges, both expected and unforeseen.

But, that’s enough explaining right? I mean, who wants to hear all of that, I have returned, and of course, in Voyage to Asia fashion, I intend to return with a bang! Get Slayed!

So… a new direction, what does that mean?

Well, I’ve matured throughout these last 2 years I’ve been away, my life has taken a new direction, and in the coming months to years, so shall this blog.

To give you all a little bit of background information, I would like to give you guys an update on what has changed for me and what I’ve been doing since I’ve been away; we’re going to split it into 3 categories: Work, Life, Voyage to Asia.


If you’re new to my blog, you probably are not familiar, however I was having a hard time getting a job in the hotel industry.  

My dream was to work in hotels but the numerous challenges I was facing getting into the industry was extremely challenging. Since then, I’ve slayed these hotels to bend to my ambition. 

I started at Staybridge suites in NYC, I mean, it’s where I’m from so… of course I would start there, afterwards, I was a reservationist for a small hotel company called Triumph Hotels, also in NYC, but I learned within 2 weeks that sitting at a desk answering phones was not my calling in life; so I took my first big leap of faith (I seem to take quite a few of those) and became a duty manager at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Shanghai. (P.S. A duty manager is a position below the Front Office Manager, where I handle all the guest problems in the hotel and oversee the front office, it sounds more fancy than it actually was, but it was 2 steps higher than what I was doing in NYC, so I chose to fast forward my career in China.

After staying in Grand Hyatt for about a year, I took a short break of about 2 months, staying In South Korea (those experiences will be shared later… don’t worry) and took my current position as a Guest Relations Manager for the Fairmont Hotel in Chengdu.

Yes, this is my hotel:)


Well, life is up and down for just about all of us right?

I mean, life is rough, it put me on a 2 year hiatus while I was working on getting my affairs in order and although I can’t say that I’m where I want to be just yet, I’m barely half way there, but I’m ready to start destroying.

P.S. #2 these words: destroying, obliterating, slaying etc. have become an essential part of my vocabulary, it will be a frequent reoccurrence. To me, these words have a strong meaning, it’s basically like this; I have a task at hand and whatever that task is, it’s going to get completed regardless of what or who is trying to stop me.

Since returning to China over a year and a half ago, it has been quite a challenge; certainly student life here gave me some illusions as to the daily life here. I made the mistake of trying to live the same lifestyle, and became disappointed when I was unable to play as much, travel as much, or pretty much do what I wanted; after six months, I took my first trip to Korea, and for those of you who don’t know, my best friend from college Darius, who did an article for me in the past, is working there; after seeing my friend who I hadn’t seen for quite some time, I found some new inspiration.

I also started dancing, of course we can all dance, but I’ve been learning more choreographed dance (Hip Hop + Kpop dancing) in Korea.

Fast forward to today after many trips to South Korea and a new person to enter my life, Danei, who will rock your souls, look forward to seeing a lot of her as well. 
Voyage to Asia:

Voyage to Asia has been my dream for 10 years now; I’m still defining what it is & what is can be.

But… here’s what I know so far.
Voyage to Asia, is this great realm, where anyone who has been, dreams of, or is just curious about Asia will find themselves.

It will be a collection of many things, ranging from business to popular culture, education and lifestyle but in a much more intimate, realistic, and relatable fashion. Not just a small company… no, I intend for it to be the biggest type of… I don’t even know whether to call it a company, a movement, or a pilgrimage.
Let’s just say this, the Voyage to Asia in my mind, will be:

· Where students go to learn and study abroad.

· Where young grads will go to find internships in Asia.

· Where dreamers will go to find inspiration to start a new life in Asia.

· Where young workers will go to pursue a career in Asia.

· Where Asian fashion will be displayed.

· Where popular cultures, music & dance will be introduced.

· Where new business opportunities will be introduced.

· Where new luxury hotels in Asia will be displayed.

· Where amazing people who are living in Asia will gather.

· Where the movement and gathering of the next generation will occur.

· Where… well, there’s just a lot… okay?

Whew, was that enough?

Don’t worry, the articles won’t get too much longer than this, no promises, but I’ll try my best :); it’s just my way at saying… I’M BACK and look what I brought for all of you.

Now the real work begins. Prepare to get destroyed.


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