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Voyager Profile: Mia (刘茗涵) “Hospitality is my world/招待是我的世界”

Voyager Profile: Mia (刘茗涵) “Hospitality is my world/招待是我的世界”


Mia is an eccentric person, and very goal oriented; also, we’re pretty similar in many ways, so as the first person I approached when I wanted to do mini interviews, she gave me answers which were the words of a powerful, ambitious, and independent thinking person, reaching for the top spot (not my spot I hope). Each person I asked in this “Voyager profile series” has a different country of interest, and different backgrounds, so each article, granted the person is willing to translate, will be dual or tri-lingual.
刘茗涵是个很乐观的人,和比较目标导向。还有我们有几个想法都很一样。所以她当然是我第一的人想一起做小小的面试。她所有的答案都很强,很野心,和都很独立的。她当然想要那个 “榜首的地方” (我希望不是我的地方)。 我跟好多国际人这个小小的面试为了我的 “voyager profile series” 每一个人都不一样;想去的地方,旅游的目的,学习的目的,喜欢的行业,都不一样。所以每一篇的文章,如果那个人愿意,会包括他们的国语和英文。

So Mia is Chinese, her article will be in Chinese and English.

I asked each person some questions, some about life, their purpose, what they want to do, why they do what they do and so on. The questions are simple, and would produce obvious answers, but then again, you’ll get not so obvious responses. So here we go:

Question#1: Why did you choose to come to America? And why America?

Mia: The United States is a huge country like China, and there are many places to play, and it has a great educational system.
刘茗涵: 美国地方大对中国一样,都很大。玩得地方很多,而且普遍教育好。

Although the United States and Europe are both more expensive than China, America is more worth it. The most important reason I wanted to go to America is because the United States has a bigger variety of cultures, and I never experienced this is China. I feel this is truly a good thing.


Question#2: What is your major? Why did you choose that major? Did you come to America for that major as well or did you decide after coming here?

Mia: I love hotels, I love traveling and I love food. I loved these things long before I came to America; hospitality is something that I’ve always had a passion for. And being here, I can gain a lot of experience in that field. The HRIM (Hotel Restaurant Institutional Management) program at UD (University of Delaware) is amazing; probably within the top 10 in the United States.
刘茗涵:我喜欢宾馆,我喜欢旅游和食物。我来过美国之前都超喜欢这种的行业超喜欢招待。我觉得在这里学酒店管理都可以体验到。HRIM(酒店饭店机构管理)在UD(特拉华大学) 非常好,大概全美国拍前10。

This is what I thought about before I came here, after I came here, I had even more interested in this field. For example, classes about the food and industry, the labs, and the many internships that are available, I love it all. I love to work in this field, and then I can gain even more experience.

Final Question: When you graduate, if you can choose, do you want to stay here to work in hospitality? Or return to China with your knowledge and experience? If here, do you want to stay for a few years and back to China, or travel the world?

Mia: America~ if I could choose, I would stay here in the US first, and gain experience in this type of work, this way, I can have a good development.

After I leave America, I want to continue to travel and see the world, and this industry is perfect for me, and also has many opportunities for my dream~

刘茗涵:美国吧~ 如果可以想先在US有些工作经验,这样以后发展比较好。




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  1. Nice article. I don’t understand the Chinese but it looks like. Did she write the English? If so, she speak much better English then any of my friends from Asia. Plus she’s super cute! Why is she not in my university lol


  2. Hehe, my English name is also Mia. I’m Korean and Guangdong mixed, but I was born in Korea. My mom always said that girls who have the name Mia are always beautiful and talented. I guess she was right^^~

    I am curious to know what are the classes like in your HRM major? And are there a lot of Asian people in your school? I will be going to college in a few years and I also want to study in hospitality field. Also how long have you been in America is it hard to adjust? Sorry for many question I’m very curious kkkkk^^; thank you!


    • Hi I’m Mia and sorry for replying you so late. There are many Asian students especially Chinese. I love my major classes because those classes are useful. I just learned how to write resumes and use websites to upload my resume and information to let more people and companies know about me from my major classes that I am taking the semester. I came to the US two and half year ago and I attended a English school to learn language before I went to college and adjusting to a new environment was not that hard for me. I think that as long as you like challenging and proving yourself you will enjoy it without worries.


  3. 哇!mia你真的和帮。我也是北京人可是我现在住的在欧洲,你来过这儿边吗?我的行业不是好客但我有几个朋友做那种的工作。我问你两个问题,第一你什么时候会毕业?还有你以后愿意来法国工作吗?这里的招待行业很不错。加油


  4. I like the dual-language article, and the layout. I want to say that your blog has grown so much since I discovered it in April, it was simple, then got a re-design, then got funny as hell. After coming back to the US, from a business trip in China which lasted 2 weeks (couldn’t view from China), I see some articles with other international students, I see more comparison articles between here and there, most of your articles have that funny sense of humor you have, and overall I love it. I have seen some much growth here and your blog is only a few months old I believe? And you’re still a student with classes no less.

    The site name is catchy, it’s a huge market, and I can foresee this blog going very far; from June you had something like 10,000 hits, that I seen on your homepage, to well over 52,000 now!. In my opinion, double the amount of articles you have here, many times when I tell my friends about this article, they end up reading half of them in a day! So good job with what you’re doing, you’re an impressive young man, and I will be making a donation towards your blog, keep it changing, keep it growing!


    • Wow, this is one of the best comments I’ve received since I started the blog! Yes this blog is almost 6 months old, I started March 22! And around July the views increased quite a lot! It was around the end of June I think, that the blog was accessible from China!!!!

      I’m not sure what triggered it, but one of the articles, I can’t recall off-hand, was re-shared on a Chinese site, so I’m not sure how it was discovered but then in July I started seeing a lot of viewers from China and they total viewers increased a lot:) thanks for your support and donation! And most importantly thanks for following so long, it’s very encouraging. Each day I do something new to the blog it’s a new experience for me too. This is the first blog I ever started and the first time I ever even put myself out there just to share info but in a funny way. To tackle the racism in a humorous way, and to generally make articles a good read:)


  5. Wowie, this is awesome! Beautiful, smart, and ambitious, she will go far no doubt. Daniel, can I ask what these Voyager Profiles are supposed to be? I have a general idea, but I don’t understand it all the way. Regardless, I like to see the variety of international students you have through out your site. I’m in grad school and I wish I did all these things as an Undergrad! Keep going all of you!


    • Well, when I write my articles most of them are recalling the experiences I had while there. But sometimes if I’m not sure of something I ask my Asian friends of course, as well as the other international students who help a lot. Also, many of my international friends share and spread the blog on other networks and help with things like language correction when I want to make a bi-lingual post. So, the voyager profiles are a way of introducing some of these people who love this site, some of the people who share and help out without me even asking, some of them are my friends, some sought me out etc.

      Originally I wanted to have many guest writers but of course not everyone is willing to write a lot of articles or be guest writers and are more willing to share and comment. So this voyager profiles are just a few of the people who encourage me to keep going, are some of those who want to make more friends from here, those who want to contribute at least an article, and so many other reason. This is an introduction for these amazing friends I have, and the small interview is so the readers have a small idea who they are, why they do what they do, why they come here etc.


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