Black in Asia

A night at Korea’s exclusive NYC club “The Circle”

A night at Korea’s exclusive NYC club “The Circle

How many people read before booking a hotel or traveling?

How many people read reviews before going to a new restaurant or bar? Well, I sure do.

It’s been a long summer, and I’m loving it. Working at a hotel like the one I’m at now, I really did find that “something” that doesn’t feel like work. The only trade-off, is who said 40 hours a week is normal? We work hard at the Holiday Inn, Fort Lee! 40 hours is a good week, 50 is more like the standard.

work much

So, when I have some free time, I wanna enjoy a drink too. And what better place to go than Koreatown in NYC? Two blocks full of restaurants, bars, and karaoke.

ktown nyc

So once I started to enjoy the scene, I began hearing rumors.

Rumors about this really Asian club near Times Square, in fact, it was my friend who took me past there. This guy, said “hey Daniel, this club is called The Circle, it’s pretty exclusive, and has a ton of Koreans. You can go there one day to practice your Korean”

~Because I’m gonna go to a club to practice Korean…what a great idea~

In my defense, my Korean is at the point of a full hotel check-in using all Korean, and about a 10-15 minute conversation. I wish I can take a Korean language class, but, class isn’t really my style.


But my friend wasn’t lying, I seen a line, that stretched down the corner, and….so many, so many beautiful girls. Plus the line for the guys was empty…tempting?

Well, that night, he didn’t dare go in. That was attempt #1.

Attempt #2 fell short when my birthday plans got scattered, and attempt #3 didn’t work when credit card bills were sending alerts to my phone.

credit vcards

But, last night I went.

The Preparation

Once I got to work yesterday morning I went right to to see some reviews of this place, because that night, I was going, for sure. And I was speaking to my Korean friends in Koreatown, while working….and I heard….

Non-Koreans can’t get in the club!

Oh yeah?… You wanna bet?…


Well, next I looked online, and saw the same things…

“Asian exclusive, racist club, doesn’t let whites and blacks in, they want to keep the girls safe (cause only American guys are dangerous), bouncers are very selective, many people get turned away (EX-clusive club)…”

Well, what person wouldn’t be intrigued by this?

And admittedly I wanted to prove something to myself.

i can

I thought, if I can get in, I really am a bit more favored in Asian communities, I mean, acting like a person who has some sense will leave a good impression anywhere, but let’s admit, since I speak those languages, it’s easier to break ice in those groups with me, where as, it’s hard to bond with people here, who have no interest in those things; I didn’t know the world was so boring to some people.


But the other thing I thought about was… If I get refused, not only will it be embarrassing as hell, but it seems I’m not so special after all, and I pretty much lose my credibility

So I concocted a plan!


Since many of the hotel guests are Asians, it’s in Fort Lee, aka New Jersey Koreatown, and a lot of people ask for things to do in the city at night, I can find a reason to get into the club!

If I call the supervisor, and tell him, that we want to send more people to check out clubs like “The Circle” it would indeed bring a lot of interest. So I want to “chat” with him and see the club.

When I first called, he wasn’t there, but the female on the other line talked with me a bit, and I did indeed ask “I seen some reviews online, do you allow non-Asians into the club?” Which of course she said “yes, we aren’t racist” but she has to say that lol.

Preparation part II

I called again like she said hoping the supervisor was there, by this time I was in NY already, and the supervisor said, well you can come, sure, check it out, but you still got wait in line, no special treatment, regular rules apply…which is fine by me.

I didn’t care about all that, I just wanna get in lol.

try again

When he told me club opens at 11, I was ready to get there by 10, so I had another plan. When I was in China, how did I always get into clubs free? You make friends with the bouncers, and I do that here too. But, I was surprised, the bouncers were big as hell, African, Jamaican, Haitian, etc. I of course made friends with the biggest, baddest, dude from Haiti.


“Yeah man, I work in a hotel, ya know, it’s a pretty sweet gig, etc etc” but we ended up talking a lot, and he cleared something up quickly. It’s an upscale club, the reason many Americans can’t get in, is because they go to clubs in flip-flips, shorts, and t-shirts, while the Asians show up, dubbed out and chocked up in suits, with ties and such, females in 20-inch high heels! Skirts that shows beautiful legs, and with their hair done up etc etc.


Good thing I came straight from work, and I had my suit on, or else, I would have put on my hat, turned to the back lol.



So…I got in!

The security guard checking IDs was the one I made friends with, “I love it when a plan comes together,” and besides, it’s way more fun than just standing in line.

So I also made friends with this Korean-American girl, and a Turkish girl, they were like my entourage, I mean, who goes to a club alone right? And they were cool, the Turkish girl was adorable enough to prove to me, that she can make the bouncers smile, which she did.

(by the way, I don’t go clubbing with guys, there’s already enough in the club)

And we chilled, drank, a lot, danced…a lot, and got separated. More so, I adventured out. And I did do a tally, one black girl, who I met before, who speaks Chinese, I can’t believe I seen her again, one Turkish girl, 2 white guys, and a black guy. And maybe 3-400 Asians.

circle 2

Oh, and we can’t forget the 20-30 7-feet tall black bouncers.



The Circle

the circle

Indeed this place is worth it’s hype, at least in my opinion. The more people say a place sucks, the more determined I am to see it with my own eyes. The atmosohere was amazing, DJs were good in my opinion, even though there was too much house music in the beginning, I also would have liked the hip-hop to start before 1am.

The drinks were pretty good too even though, I did get ripped off from one bar  tender. I gave her $40, and got back $1, but by this time I didn’t even care.

take my money

What I liked most about this club was the dancing, in China, people danced, just not very good, but in this club, people danced, very good in fact, but, I was surprised by one thing the grinding…

Grinding, is a young people thing, but even I, as international as I am, always saw it as an American thing, even more so, an African-African American-Islander, thing, twerking too, but I suppose in the islands, they call it “daggering”. I never seen grinding or twerking anywhere like what I saw that night, definitely a night to shatter stereotypes.


On a quick side note, why do asian clubs all over the place, always hire big as hell black security guards. It’s pretty interesting, and they usually are friends with the supervisors. That’s something to investigate. I mean, the Chinese consulate in NY, has black security guards, all these clubs etc. what’s that about?

Throughout the night however, I must had made a ton of contacts, most notably were a few girls from Taiwan who are pretty chilled, and down to earth. I definitely look forward to seeing them again. and hey, maybe they can write for VTA as well~

The entire night was pretty awesome though, even had me going home at 7:30am don’t ask why.

If its this great at that one club, I wonder how Korea will be.

I never did meet that club supervisor though, but it’s okay, mission accomplished, I got in. And I’ll “see” my bouncer buddy next week. Ya know, to chill with him, not to get in for free or anything like that.


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