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The Ups and Downs of fame: From Youtube to Hollywood to Hallyu

I want to first apologize to the VTA community, I have been very busy, working like crazy and as a result, I haven’t had time to work on a new post, but today, I will post one no matter what.

And I’ll post another tomorrow too, as punishment.

So, today, I wanna talk about fame, such as acting, Kpop bands, Youtube stars etc, and where I play a role in all of this.

Yeah man! Hollywood! Spread that culture!

Yeah man! Hollywood! Spread that culture!

Thanks to the readers in this small but growing community, this blog is starting to reach places, and a bit quicker than I expected, this blog will be 5 months old, in a week (awesome right?)

Now, fame, is a funny thing. Last night I was discussing with my friend and fellow blogger Jen, from WesternGirlEasternBoy about fame, such as being Hollywood famous, Youtube famous, and Hallyu (Korean wave) famous. And we collectively agreed why we don’t really wanna do Youtube.


Pros to Youtube (just opinionated)

– Youtube makes it easy to get a broader audience and to say what you want to say.

– Easy to make videos that can quickly go viral

– Good for casually making money

– Not hard

Cons for Youtube

– Once you start Youtube, you’re pretty much capped at doing Youtube only, what I mean is, once you get Youtube famous, all you pretty much do, is make Youtube videos without really expanding, as Jen put it, Youtube is a ceiling.

– Youtube is not really taken serious anymore, at least in my opinion. Unless I’m looking for videos on how to fix my car, because I’m too cheap to go to a repair shop, I’m not really going on Youtube looking for advice.

– People tend to have false expectations for what Youtube can do for them, and as a result, give up

– Video content published on Youtube and linked to your blog doesn’t drive traffic to the blog, once the video is clicked, it redirects to Youtube.

So, I decided to ultimately drop my ideas of doing Youtube, because it is indeed a ceiling with capped success and not really want I want to do, so then there’s Hollywood fame.


4 days ago, there was a younger, older than me, but young, African American woman who overheard me checking a guest in, all using Korean (I’ve been practicing ^^) and so we struck up a conversation. Afterwards she told me about her friend who was a movie writer, producer etc, and about his interest in perhaps doing something with me, perhaps a movie, or an interview.

Pros and Cons


– Who doesn’t wanna be in Hollywood

– Being Hollywood famous, or even in a movie is a life time feat, and bragging rights included, if the movie didn’t suck

– It’s a great start in a career


– I never really thought about doing a movie, or even foresee Hollywood,

– It’s kind of…far-fetched in my opinion

– I’m kind of clumsy lol, so If the movie isn’t a summer blockbuster hit, wonder if I can ever live it down lol

– How much time will it consume, and will I still be able to get my MBA?

– Unless, I am a romantic hero, with no faults, when I go into business, a bad role, even having profanity might hinder my success

So indeed, this requires thought, but, I’d still like to do it, ya know, for the “big head” effect 🙂

Oh man! My head hurts, but I look good still, or not

Oh man! My head hurts, but I look good still, or not

And last there is the Hallyu, or the Korean wave fame.

It’s easier for expats to be famous in Korea than for a Korean person, unless you have those “grown in a laboratory/factory looks” (speaking Korean will usually do it for you ^^)

I personally believe with the amount of Kpop bands being pumped out, and the amount of KDramas being filmed, there is no way, that there can be that many good looking people. They look too good, like they were genetically altered. In theory, SM Entertainment might have a warehouse, under their headquarters, where they are splitting genes to make demi-singing and dancing gods of Kpop.

Exo(kpop super powers band, if you didn't know)

Exo(kpop super powers band, if you didn’t know)

Hallyu is the term used for the spreading of Korean culture worldwide, or what we call the Korean Wave; Be it Kpop which makes people go crazy, and people start learning how to dance, or be it KDramas, which make people learn want to learn Korean, find a Korean boyfriend or girlfriend, and act all cute and helpless, or masculine and stupid, Hallyu is nowadays more popular than Japan, which used to be the epicenter of Asian culture for westerners.

Hadouken!!!!! ~~~~  (Don't tell me you don't love this pic)

Hadouken!!!!! ~~~~
(Don’t tell me you don’t love this pic)

Now as far as I know, there is one person of color who is getting more and more famous in Korea, his name is Sam Okyere, and he is a TV Star in Korea. This is what I ultimately would love to do.

I can read it, but if have no idea what it means, brutal truth

I can read it, but if have no idea what it means, brutal truth

So, Pros and Cons of Hallyu


– It’s damn cool, I mean, Hallyu is getting so popular, it’s not even embarrassing or shameful to be swept up by the wave, but I still won’t watch KDramas, too sad, I don’t wanna be all…emotional ya know Manly stuff like football, headbutts, hamburgers, Hummers and monster trucks that’s what I represent, -cough cough-

– To famous in Korea is to be famous in Asia, the Korean pop and drama modern culture, is by far the most popular culture in Asia. That’s not to say, Japan, or China, or Thailand etc don’t have popular cultures, but Korean culture tends to expand heavily around Asia, in my own words, it starts in Korea, hits Japan and China then spreads around Asia, such as when a Chinese company, gave employees the day off so they can go home and watch the season finale to a popular KDrama, My Love from the Star, (article here)

– Korean culture tends to give you a different outlook on life, that combined with KDramas, makes everything seem cute and adorable like my little noona

Noons! 누나~

Noons! 누나~


– same as the last pro, it tends to make everything seem cute and adorable, but that’s a fantasy, and it’s super unrealistic

– Hallyu makes people lose their minds, and gives false expectations like I’ve never seen. I used to work with a girl, who was so into Korean guys it was just…disturbing

– Many Koreans that I’ve met, dislike this Hallyu culture because of the way it depicts Korean life which is not true

– You never see those super hot girls or guys walking down the street and you don’t ever really get to hangout with them (not sure because I haven’t been there, so I can only go off of my friends experiences) unless you’re famous yourself, or really really good looking.

So, is fame hard to achieve? Yes and no, I can’t say for sure whether my analysis is accurate or wayyy off the mark, but I do feel that, a little bit of fame is good, a lot of fame is trouble, and kind of feels like politics to me. Do I wanna be famous? Who wouldn’t? But, like my friend Jen, I would love to be the talk-show type of famous, not so much the Hollywood or KDrama famous.




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