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I laugh in the face of danger part II: Macao Madness!

 Welcome back, for “I laugh in the face of danger part II, part I is here.

I first want to say that, in all 21 (soon to be 22) years of my life, this has been my first real vacation. What I mean is, yes, China was a vacation, but I went there to study. My parents got married in the Bahamas but I only stayed for 3 days, and everything else isn’t worth mentioning.

But this, this was such an awesome experience, I would say it was magical…

macao magical

saw this while adventuring at 2 am, where was Cinderella?

But that’s not very…uh…very macho ya know.

So I’m gonna get started with the story.

It all started when some guy accompanied “some” friends and went for a late night walk on the bund in Shanghai during Halloween

~ Guys meet girls… ~

~ Guys and girls go into a club called “Bar Rouge” which I hate ~

~ One guy goes outside because he hates this club, and chats with another girl from the group who, also hated this club ~

~ Deep conversation ensues ~

She was from Malaysia and she was only staying in Shanghai for 3 days. It was another one of her “travel around the world trips” and indeed she was succeeding. Just a little about her….because she is the stuff!

macao fiona 1

Young, manager of a food and beverage joint in a casino in Macao, travels to a new country every 4 months for vacation, makes enough money to do that, and she collects currency; (what am I doing wrong?)

Anyway we hung out a lot during her stay in Shanghai, saw some places, sampled some food, then I sent her on her way to Malaysia so she can see her parents.

Well, we kept in contact. And around thanksgiving time, she said you should come visit Macao sometime.

troll face

Heh, well, that would be something wouldn’t it?

It was~

After the plane tickets were purchased for me, I packed my bags, told my teachers see you in a week, and hopped on that bus post-haste.

Because ya know Macao is like Las Vegas and I wanted to uh, gamble a bit.

macao skyline

macao skyline

las vegas

las vegas skyline

Well, here comes the danger. I was on one of my famous “broke” streaks. I had about 200 rmb in my pocket which was about $30 at the time, and no money in the bank.

And, this was supposed to last me a week in a gambling country?

The other danger, was, yeah I met this person a month ago, in a club, lol, so now I’m coming to Macao on your invitation and stay at your place? (Could have been a trap)

So, I arrived, made myself at home, literally, and travelled around Taipa island.


– Macao is like Hong Kong, self-governing, autonomous, like Puerto Rico to the U.S. –

– Macao is broken into two islands; Macao island and Taipa island. –

– Taipa island is mostly residential with more housing areas, while Macao island is nightlife central! –

– you can take a bus (which is pretty much in Portuguese language) to Macao island over a super long bridge (that you can walk over). –

taipa bridge

Macao – Taipa bridge

Just a little something about this bridge, I have only seen 1 person ever bike over this bridge, it took me like an hour to walk it, but I had no other alternatives to get from Macao island to Taipa, because I couldn’t afford a taxi 😦

Day 1

Okay, so back to the story, how did I make $30 last a week? Well, at first she was buying me food, and purchased food to cook, but I’m a man, and I’m gonna earn money like a man. So on the 2nd day, I went to the Venetian (hotel she works at) to gamble some earnings.

(My ways are unorthodox but I get it from my mom, blame her)

Venetian casino

Venetian casino

Day 2

I did well, I managed turned my 200 RMB which converted to around 220 Hong Kong dollars (HKD) into 800 HKD, well, I tried my luck again at the roulette board hit a “0,” so I lost 300 of that;

I bailed out. And bought myself dinner at what time? 4:40am~

My earnings at the end of the day~

My earnings at the end of the day~

Day 3

Since she works nights, I’m by myself during the days while she sleeps, so I decided to take a walk around the island. You can really cover one full island in about half a day. So I went to meet people, and guess who I met? Another black guy, who is studying in Macao. It’s cool to study there, if you love gambling, but since the two islands are small, it ought to get boring after a month lol. I was born on an island (Staten Island) and it gets boring.

macao day nice view

I didn’t know what this building is, but it looked cool

Day 4

Money was getting low, so I had to go and get my cash back up…no problem!

I lost all my money.

Went home broke; defeated; and down on my luck, but be honest, I only had enough money for one deal lol.

But wait! I had reward points from my bank card, which I quickly liquidated. However I needed to wait a full day.

rewards chase

Day 5

Money liquidated and deposited, I went back, and I won a lot, so I decided to take my host on a date, out into town, which she’d seen a thousand times over. I don’t have a picture, but there was a Turkish ice cream place, where the ice cream is so sticky, that the guy wears rubber gloves and literally rolls the ice cream through his fingers, and around his hands. Despite being unsanitary looking, it was well worth the money and show….

Everyone makes money here, because he was selling a lot of over priced ice cream to the crowd of onlookers.

macao me and fiona 2

Day 6

Last days approaching…
Shopped a bit, relaxed a bit, and watched a ton of YouTube and logged on Facebook with a vengeance. Unlike mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao both allow Facebook, YouTube, and pretty much whatever else in blocked in China.  VPN’s in China are so slow, I don’t even try. So I embraced my opportunity and read news feeds from Facebook from over a month of the time I was viewing, that’ll show you China!

China why u so strict!

China why u so strict!

Day 7

Taking the risk was worth it.

Macao was great, such an awesome place. The air was nice, the cars stop for you and let you cross the street, even when you’re (the foreigner) and end up get lost coming home every night around 3am or later.

I thought Macao was super safe, I walked to the casinos, buses and cabs would waste my prize earnings, need to save every cent. But whether walking over the bridge, walking around the islands with no Cantonese or Portuguese, and in the morning hours even, I didn’t feel like someone was gonna “try” to shank me.

I felt like this uncertain trip, became an overly amazing and safe journey, but, maybe being a 6 foot tall black man is mosquito repellent; keeping the would-be blood thieves at bay.

~Thanks for reading, here are some more picture I took of the trip~

macao church wallmacao church  macao trees macao fiona 3macao cannonmacao galaxymacao3 macaomacao christmas treemacao bridge macao 2




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  1. Another witty article Mr.Cooper, you know, I am really enjoying your blog, I love the new look, new changes, and your continued style. There not quite another blog with this style of writing, it’s refreshing to see someone come with something new, and it works. I will be anticipating Part III. Thanks for the article, +1 to anyone who followed Voyage to Asia from the beginning days


    • Thank you for the comment! I like to constantly improve the blog, constantly changing and constantly trying out new themes and styles. Part III will be coming soon for sure, there are many different articles I’ve been working on. And lastly, I want to thank you for being with me since the beginning! It really made my day to see your comment. So, have a good day, I already have.


      • No problem, I read this article on my way to work at a salon and the taxi driver was looking at me like I was a crazy person lololol. The 2 articles I’m highly looing forward to is your next danger article, and the next article from Carrie. Because I’m also a black woman, all woman haha, I love that line, and her article was very inspirational as well. I have also studied in China, as an undergrad, but I went to Chengdu! You students are leading the way into a brand new international culture!


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