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Black GIrl in China Part I: Introduction into the Middle Kingdom

The Voyage is in full sail~


Today, Friday the 13th! So I will introduce an amazing girl who embodies the spirit of this blog and what we at Voyage to Asia strive to create. This amazing woman, is probably one of the happiest woman I’ve ever met in my life, and probably one of the most attractive you’ll ever meet in your lives haha.

Yes, she is a model, yes, she can act, yes, she’s a party girl, and yes she is an African-American woman!

All woman 🙂

In fact, she will write a few articles for her own segment “Black woman in China” so lets jump right into to it!


carrie fb pic 4 header pic

Greetings everyone,

My name is Carrie Annie Conner. I am a 22 year old, African-American young lady who is 5’6 ft. and around 110 lbs. in height. I know, you may be wondering why I am describing myself in full detail, but it is important to know because I will bring appearance into my discussion.

I am excited to talk to you about being a black girl in China. To begin, I lived in Shanghai, China, which is the #1 tourists place along with Hong Kong.

carrie fb [ic2

me and my girlsss~~~

In Shanghai, there is about 10% of the population who are international expats. Most of these expats are from countries like Russia, Italy, England…..basically many European countries. There are very few Africans from Africa and African-Americans. But, there are a few if you are blessed enough to see one among the millions of Chinese people.

carrie 4

One in a crowd 🙂

I initially came to China to attend school for 5-6 months to study economics, improve my language skills, and learn the culture. But, after arriving and living in the city for a week, I was approached for many rare opportunities I couldn’t necessarily get in America. These opportunities included being a teacher and teaching English as a second language, being an international model, being an actress in a couple of commercials, and receive this celebrity style treatment some places I went.

carrie 2 maybe profile pic


When I first arrived in China, I was overwhelmed by Chinese people’s fascination for me and my skin color and hair. During the first week, I had to have well over 1000 pictures taken of me as well as over a million stares everywhere I went. I would have thought that people would stop staring after a week, but it never ended unless I was around a group of people who have seen me before. I remember hearing so many comments about my skin color and people calling me exotic and very different because I sounded “American” but had African looks. I thought it was interesting and cool.

carrie e e

One of the most shocking and interesting moments that had happened to me while being in China during the summer time. There was this little adorable girl who walked up to me and began rubbing my arm. Less than a few seconds later after she noticed my skill couldn’t come off, she said “mom, she didn’t use your umbrella”.

At that moment, I noticed how culturally restricted this young girl was; but, it wasn’t only her. There were many adults that asked and begged for pictures because of not ever seeing a person of my color. They would say things to people, “she’s famous”, “she must be an actress” or others. And this reason is because they believed that was because of lack of people my skin tone that is in Shanghai China.

So here are some pictures of my trips around China, and stay on the voyage everyone 🙂

carrie fb pic 7 carrie fb pic 6 carrie 3carrie fb pic 5 carrie fb pic 1carrioe fb pic 8 last pic

Next time, I will write about racism/discrimination, dating in china, and a surprise topic~~~

To see much more of Carrie, check out her blog at ( for amazing photos, videos and more.

Carrie A. Conner-Bernans


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