Black in Asia

I laugh in the face of Danger… Part I

I laugh in the face of danger!


In most movies, the black guy dies first; either the black guy or the Asian guy.
There will be a creepy sound in some creepy alley, the group will decide to check it out, while the black guy goes in the opposite direction, but still gets plucked off first.

But my movie is a little different. I don’t know if it’s human nature but doing something dangerous is overly exciting, and get the blood pumping.


And I’ve done many dumb/fun things in Asia that classify as dangerous. Such as;

Falling asleep in a club with random Chinese people I just met
This one is the third most dumb thing I’ve ever done, but first to be mentioned. In my opinion there’s no where like Shanghai, and I was born in New York…

But one night, we tried our luck.

German, Japanese, Turkish, African, African American.....

German, Japanese, Turkish, African, African American…..

It’s a well-known phenomena that expats who go to China, get drunk, and do stupid stuff,  get beat up by some Chinese people, and this usually happens when alcohol is involved. But it can happen anywhere, I felt pretty safe though.

So safe in fact, that I forgot the world can be scary, so I was hanging out with some of my friends, mingled with some Chinese people, and if memory serves me correctly…

It was about 4 guys and 7 girls

I knew her before we went...she invited a trap!

I knew her before we went…she invited us….to a trap!

(I remember the morning, don’t judge me), haha, but after a few hours in the club, one of the rich high-rollers, who I had no business talking to, decided to purchase a private room for some karaoke which we went to of course because…

Going to a private room in the back of a club with a bunch of Chinese nightlife types that you just met is totally safe

I do remember that, we were dressed quite average, while they were dressed quite over-the-top


to be rich and young....>_>

to be rich and young….>_>

Of course, they were already over the top in alcohol by 10pm which allowed them to act like crazy people without losing face.

blame it

verse from Jamie Foxx “Blame it”

So to cut this story short. We fell asleep in the club, and when me and my friend woke up with our organs still intact, the club served us breakfast, risky?


Would I do it again…?

Part II coming soon…..about my experiences going to random places in random cities with very little Chinese.

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  1. Hey that story ended too abruptly. Just slept, that’s all? Like how long?

    I also wonder what’s the first and second most stupid things you’ve ever done…


    • Well we slept through the night, woke up in the morning, but surprised we were like alive,cand still had our money and stuff. The other stupid things will come in Part II and Part III respectively. Part II is coming out later today.


  2. Wow! I can’t believe you fell asleep overnight in club~
    So crazy partyer. And they didn’t steal your organs hahahaha


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