Introducing Ms. Shin Hyejin!!!

Introducing Ms. Shin Hyejin!!!

What’s up everybody, today I want to share something very exciting! If you recall, a few weeks ago, I introduced someone who “boarded the Voyage” and became a crew hand! Mr. Perewari Pere! Pere had always shared the articles I posted on Facebook, harassed people as much as I did haha, and had done above and beyond before he had even approached me to work closely with this blog!

And to that I’m grateful,

Now, today, I want to formally introduce someone else who has been working very hard, and passionately! Shin Hyejin!

Initially, Hyejin was a language friend, and helped me with my Korean, but she has also helped me build this blog up, and has helped me put together the article (To learn a language is to build a better world). Hyejin like myself, is a student, however she is now in Korea so you can expect to see more Korean articles in the future. Overall, Hyejin will be an author for the blog, since she has blogging experience, and has quite an eventful life. Many people from the east, view this blog and the articles I post, lets also show due course, and let us in the west, view what they have to show. Look forward to Hyejin’s first post, coming very soon. I promise 🙂

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