Black in Asia

Dreams can come true!

Dreams can come true!

 First off, this is a follow-up article to (My setbacks, challenges, and how I rose to overcome them)

Everyone dreams! And everyone has a dream worth pursuing!

Dreams are something that keep us going, and keep us striving; but what happens when you lose hope on that dream? Or what happens when that dream seems out of reach?


Do you stop chasing?

Do you give up?


Today I want to share three of the biggest dreamsthat have keep be going throughout my life, and how I am two thirds complete in my quests!

Dream cloud #1

dream 2

I have many dreams like this blog of course, and what it can become. The future company I want to create, but everyone knows that my biggest dream has been to go to China. I have wanted to go to China since I was 13 years old. So without giving away my age, I have wanted to go to China for 7 years before I succeeded. At first, I remember when I was a spoiled brat, and always fought with my parents for everything. I had plotted to go to China and find new parents, (-_- I still feel so stupid lol) and I was sure I could make it there. So I asked family and friends for donation money, and asked them not to tell my parents


(I got caught within the hour.)

 My second biggest attempt to go to China, was in my sophomore year at Lincoln University. Initially, my grades weren’t good enough, I’m not a great student. My GPA was down by one point, so i had decided to persuade my school to let me go; and I almost succeeded but ultimately I received a no, and that “no” almost made me gave up.

It was too hard, too much opposition, and I was fed up, it had been 7 years already! Well, I am a favored child, and after being patient for one more semester, I was able to finally go, and the next year, I went again!

I didn’t give up.

Dream cloud #2

To work in a hotel! I have wanted to own and work in a hotel just as long as I have wanted to go to China. I remember when I had wanted to build a castle, since I loved history, and I had plannedto put malls and hotels inside of it so it would become a historical tourism destination. I still haven’t given up hope, but I modified it a bit.

dream 3

I have applied to hotels for years, for seasonal work, part time work, summer work, semester work, internship, management programs, you name it. I have applied since I was 16, so again without giving away my age, I have applied for 5 years before I finally got it!

holiday inn

Yes, today 4/12/2014 my biggest “seconddream was accomplished. I work at the Holiday Inn, and not only is fate interesting, it’s also a comedian. It makes me wait, very very patiently, because fate knows that I am a very impatient American. Americans have a image of wanting it now, and I fit that stereotype perfectly, maybe even more so. But what did fate do? To reward my patience?

My parents said, if I can’t find a job within the week, I will be working in one of my previous jobs like the movie theaters, or state parks, sitting in a hot toll booth all summer.


We’ll this is what fate did, she gave me the position I wanted, at the pay I wanted, and the hotel is located in a highly populated Korean and Chinese area! On my first day, I spoke Korean with 3 different guests, and told them about the blog haha, they were rich, (from Gangnam, Seoul) and quite friendly at the respect I showed them. And I spoke Chinese with the delivery guy who almost dropped the food in shock. I couldn’t have gotten it any better, what a great summer’s start!

Dream cloud #3

This one gets complicated. Because it involves two different dreams that will merge all of my dreams together. First off, I want to go to Korea, for my master’s degree in Hospitality and hotel management. Once I get there, I plan to take this blog to new heights, start a video series, etc. but for that I need exposure and experience of course, so the blog is on a good track. It’s around 17,000 hits at the time I’m writing this article, if I can get it to 20,000 by the weekend, I will try to be on Steve Harvey’s radio show this summer!


If I can get onto Steve Harvey, I will try to get onto Oprah Winfrey’s tv show next semester or during the year, before I go to Korea, because everyone knows once I go, good luck getting me back haha. And while in Korea, I intend to work this into a business, but something unique and different, something hospitality wise, with a hotel somewhere in the middle, and still have cultural exchange as a theme.


Complicated right?

Haha, but after all, every time I want to give up, I have a spark of hope, then my dream mixed with fate comes rushing out. I came this far, and I can’t believe that I got to this point at my age.

I’m on a good track, and after my first day, as I was driving home, stuck in traffic, I looked up and thought, God, you do wonders. You give me everything I dream and hope for, but you still keep me humored, that must be the reason, I’m stuck in traffic and have my car in the parked position.


Thank you!

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