Black in Asia

Who and what is Voyage to Asia?

This blog has been active for its first full month, and the growth has surpassed our expectations beyond compare. However there are two main questions that remained unanswered:

“Who is Voyage to Asia?” & “What is Voyage to Asia?”

Well, Voyage to Asia is a group of students, not just myself, Daniel Cooper, but a group of students with different roles; and not all of us are from the United States.

But still, who and what is Voyage to Asia?

The honest truth is, we didn’t know for ourselves. We knew that we had a passion for the international world, everything international catches our interest, we knew that we loved different cultures and languages, and we always defined ourselves as “global citizens.”

This site, is a testament to that passion. It has been a long road already. and its never ending. None of us, knew a thing about blogging, video making and editing. So we learned as we’ve gone along, and each post, or video, will improve along the way. Ultimately we hope that the viewers who have viewed us from the first post till now, have noticed the growth we have been making as we continue to improve ourselves.

So after much pondering, trying to bring it together, one month later, here is our answer:

“Voyage to Asia is a group of students who have a love, and passion for the international world. We define ourselves as global citizens and as a part of this international generation. We endeavor to build a bridge of cultural understanding and do our best, to help other cultures understand each other through humor, culture, and exposure.”

Here is a short video, on that passion we have. Enjoy, and thanks for following us.

Stay aboard the Voyage


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  1. I really like this blog, it give a lot of new information and it’s very interesting! bookmarked, and shared with my friends as well, you must continue to add new post so I can read!


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