Black in Asia

Episode 2…is finally here: Voyage to Asia is presenting, our informal interview….. what do we think about Japan?


We students, would like to think everyone ahead of time for viewing. Please understand that this is for fun and only represents our personal opinions. Also it’s our first time doing this but we’re learning and improving each day! Even with a laughing, camera shaking camera woman! haha.

The overall theme if the video, was to talk about why, how, when, and where we started learning Japanese.

For Desmond: he’s always loved the culture, and since discovering he has a Japanese relative, he decided to go to Japan and he still enjoys his sake!

Shalai: always loved anything Japanese and kawaii, she went to Japan for a small program, and always dreams of finding the chance to go back.

Corina: studied Japanese for 6 years! And loves it to death, she loves it to the point she can literally shout it off the mountains, and always impresses those around her, while still being a little shy.

The message we want to get across, is that we love our Asian culture and are very interested to continue pursuing our passion. Look for us in Japan~


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  1. ダニエル、おもしろかったよ!(^O^)
    And I’m happy to see my students talking about Japan♡ Say hello to them for me.


  2. So helpful! I’ve been falling in love with Japan lately after watching this Japanese family on a Korean variety show. I also started learning Japanese (again). I guess I finally watched enough Anime to start “hearing” Japanese over one of these breaks I had– maybe winter break, so I picked it back up.

    I am so curious about Japan, so again– this is really helpful since I also know nothing about Japan beyond fashion, samurais (Shogun, literature, action anime), and anime… 😀


    • I’m glad you enjoyed. Yeah. They challenge was making it short since there’s so much we could talk about. I intend to make a follow up. Even though the production quality isn’t great, filmed on an iPad and the camerawoman kept laughing, I think it’s a casual easy video. But I like the aspect of people can follow our journey and growth of the blog. The first article I wrote had but 2 pics, each article gets better I hope, as I’m learning by trial and error plus experimentation.


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